Knee Replacement Surgeon in hadapsar.

Which is the best total knee replacement surgery hospital in India?

Solitaire Clinic is one of the best hospital for total knee replacement surgery in Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra  Total knee Replacement (TKR) is a surgical procedure in which an unnatural knee joint or prosthesis replaces a damaged/diseased knee joint. The basic reason why a patient choose Total Knee Replacement is, their awful pain which is followed by functional limitation. Generally, a person’s daily activities must be significantly or badly affected by insufferable pain and functional limitations for him or her to be considered a candidate for Total Knee Replacement.

How painful is a total knee replacement?

Total Knee Replacement Surgery is not painful. The patient undergoing this surgery is given anesthesia and being operated under a comfortable environment. Pain killers are given to the patient post surgery until they recover from the wound.

Partial knee replacement surgery is an option for people with knee damage in just one place, either lateral, medial or the patella.

Knee transplant surgery can be considered for someone who has severe disease name arthritis or a severe knee injury.

What is the cost of total knee replacement (tkr) surgery in India?

Total Knee Replacement Cost has been reduced considerably compared to earlier years. Now the Total knee replacement(tkr) Surgery Cost ranges between 1.9 lakh to 2.5 lakh. Thus now more people can afford the treatment with better facility.

Is Total knee replacement surgery successful in India?

Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India is very much successful as more and more people prefer this treatment rather than bearing pain throughout their lives.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery steps involve is a complex procedure. This procedure requires an orthopedic surgeon to make precise measurements and skillfully remove the diseased portions of the bone, in order to shape the remaining bone to accommodate the knee implant. During the procedure, the doctor tries to build the artificial knee inside the leg, one component at a time, to create a highly realistic artificial joint. This artificial joint then helps the person to move freely and do all the activities which he/she couldn’t due to knee pain.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery time can be between two to three hours.

Who is the best doctor for knee replacement?

There are many expert knee surgeon in India as well as abroad. As far as is Pune, Maharashtra concerned Dr. Pramod kumar  is the best knee replacement Surgeon. He has conducted many successful knee replacement surgeries.

No other Total knee replacement surgery doctor in Pune can be as experienced and as skillful as Dr. Pramod Kumar.

Many patients has experienced a good service and care under the supervision of Dr. Pramod Kumar. Thus has always considered him as the Best doctor for knee replacement in Pune.

Is there a new procedure for knee replacement?

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Procedure has advanced time and again. Many new experiments have been proved to be successful. Thus this is the reason why the surgery is taking so less time compared to previous years. The recovery time of the patient is also been decreased compared to previous years.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery surgical procedure now includes minimum incision and pain compared to earlier times where this surgery was considered to be a major surgery and not many people go for it.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery surgical technique has advanced in many ways. The instruments used in knee replacement is much more reliable and durable compared to previous years. The artificial parts which is fixed in the body is a better quality compared to the previous years.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery exercises include a course of physiotherapy. These exercises are for short period of time. These exercises are till the artificial joint adjust itself in the body and works like a normal joint.

How long does it take to walk after a full knee replacement?

After full Knee Replacement Surgery the patient can take about one and half month to resume all the activities. Though it may take more time to do and be comfortable with all the routine activities, most people who cooperates with the doctor can recover sooner than those who do not follow doctor’s instructions. Full knee replacement recovery time is less because of the modern technology that is now being used at almost all the hospitals. Full knee replacement surgery time is also low because of the high precision equipments that is used during surgery. Thus full knee replacement operation is now not at all risky.

How long for a knee replacement operation?

Total Knee Replacement Surgery Operation takes about two to three hours maximum. As now robots are used in Total Knee Replacement Surgery operation procedure.

What are the steps of knee replacement surgery?

The Total Knee Replacement Steps are really technical. When we read about knee replacement in websites we realize that the surgery is really difficult and painful. But such is not the case. The surgery is not at all complicated, only for an expert Surgeon like Dr. Pramod  Kumar.. He might be conducting several surgeries in a day. So for him knee surgery is just a piece of cake which he eats and enjoys everyday. His patients are so satisfied with his surgery that even their relatives visits Dr. Pramod Kumar.

In Knee Arthroplasty Technique resection and gap balancing are the two different kinds of techniques used to implant the components that is used by majority of the doctors. Both techniques have been qualified as durable and successful by the top surgeons of the country. Each technique has unique advantages and disadvantages.

What are the types of knee implants?

There are four types of Knee Replacement Implants

  • Metal on plastic
  • Ceramic on plastic
  • Ceramic on ceramic
  • Metal-on-metal


The knee replacement implants types are many and different as per patient’s requirements. They are categorized by the materials that rub against each other when the knees are flexed. The knee replacement implants costs is affordable. Thus used by most of the patient.

How do you get rid of knee pain fast?

If you are having persistent knee pain or Pain behind knee then knee replacement surgery can give you Knee pain relief. In case of Knee injuries, Knee pain treatment has to be done on time.

Knee joint pain can increase due to wear and tear of knees. Pain in knee cap is also one of the common complain that is faced by doctors. Pain below knee or Injured knee ligament can be treated at Orthopedic surgeon in pune.