Knee Replacement Surgeon in hadapsar.

Fact About Knee Replacement Surgery

Did you know that every year, more than 2.5 lakh patients in India undergo knee replacement surgeries? The number of surgeries has seen a significant increase in recent years, thanks to advancements in medical technology. Surprisingly, individuals who undergo total knee replacement can begin walking within just six hours of the surgery.

Your knees are remarkable joints, bearing the weight of your body and enabling a wide range of movements, from walking and running to pivoting and jumping. Unfortunately, factors like arthritis, obesity, aging, traumatic injuries, or sports-related incidents can lead to knee damage, causing discomfort and affecting your independence.


The Mechanics of Knee Replacement Surgery

Since the orthopedic specialist has many non-surgical treatments to help individuals improve their level of pain and stability, but knee arthroplasty is the best solution for unhealthy joints. This surgical procedure involves the removal of damaged bone and cartilage within the knee, followed by the installation of replacement components crafted from materials such as ceramic, plastic, and metal.

Knee replacement surgery is particularly effective for individuals who are generally healthy and within the ideal weight range. For all candidates, pre-and post-surgical physical therapy is crucial in enhancing recovery. These therapies help strengthen supporting muscles and ligaments while improving cardiovascular endurance.

It’s important to note that most knee replacements are designed to last 15 to 20 years. Surgeons recommend postponing this surgery as long as possible to reduce the likelihood of needing a second operation in the future.


Journey to Recovery From Knee Arthroplasty

Recovery from knee replacement surgery is a gradually a time taking process, so it’s advisable to arrange household assistance and time off from work or other commitments in advance. Physical therapy starts in the hospital before discharge and continues for several weeks post-surgery. Many individuals find support from a knee brace and assistive devices like canes, walkers, or crutches as they regain their ability to walk unaided.

Your doctor will provide guidance on when you can resume driving and return to work. Typically, individuals with desk jobs can return to work within a few weeks. Complete rehabilitation takes up to six months, and generally, the better your physical condition and overall health before surgery, the smoother and quicker your rehabilitation will be.


Knee Replacement Surgery  in  Pune

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