Joint Replacement in Hadapsar

Why joint replacement knee surgery?

When we accidentally cut or burn our skin, the first thing we do is run in search of a healer. Delaying first aid is not an option to reduce your suffering. Similarly, when we suffer internally due to knee pain, delaying treatment will be of no use. So, if your doctor has recommended knee replacement surgery, you should definitely consider it. And if you are looking for the Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Pune then you can consult Dr.Pramod kumar 

Many patients suffering from knee pain may initially be hesitant about surgery due to fears and concerns. Trusting your orthopedic surgeon is essential; If there were viable options to solve your problem, they would consider them with you. A recommendation for total knee replacement surgery usually comes after trying other treatments such as medication, physical therapy, exercise and dietary changes. The important thing to remember is that delaying knee surgery can lead to serious complications and potentially hinder the desired outcome. It is important to address knee problems promptly for best outcomes and improved quality of life.

Here are some concerns for patients who have delayed knee replacement surgery.

1. Worsening of joint deformity: Here arthritis progresses gradually and can affect your daily activities over time. Patients suffering from knee arthritis are more likely to develop a knocked-knee or bow-legged deformity. Delaying surgery can make joint replacement more complicated.

2. Increased joint stiffness: If not treated in time, joint movement becomes slow, and the soft tissue around the joints shrinks, causing stiffness and discomfort.

3. Weakening of muscle strength: Without surgery, arthritis of the joints weakens the muscles around the joints. This limits the range of motion, affecting daily routine. Postponing surgery may require a longer rehabilitation program to strengthen the muscles.

4. Overall health effects: Patients with hip arthritis may experience back pain, while those with severe knee arthritis may experience pain in the other knee. Delaying surgery can lead to weight gain, reduced mobility, and heart and pulmonary problems due to inactivity. If you are suffering from any such above joint problem then must consult your orthopedic doctor before its late.


Patients often wait and are deprived of the maximum benefits of surgery. Knee arthritis affects mobility, leading to a sedentary lifestyle and possible depression. Consult Dr. Pramod kumar  the Best Joint Replacement surgeon in Hadpsar . Pune for more information about orthopedic treatment and recovery. Get mentally prepare for better life and schedule the right time for your surgery, so you can get back to an active, healthy, and pain-free life.