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Understanding Hip Bone Fracture With Dr. Pramod kumar

Contributing Factors Several factors contribute to the occurrence of hip fractures: Osteoporosis: Individuals with weakened bones, often due to osteoporosis, are more susceptible to hip fractures. Osteoporosis reduces bone density, making bones more fragile and prone to fracture. Falls: Falls are a significant cause of hip fractures, particularly among older adults. Environmental hazards, balance issues, and certain […]

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8 Signs to Know if You Need a Hip Replacement

How do you know if hip replacement is the right option for you? Let’s take a look at eight signs that will help you decide if you need hip replacement surgery. 1. You Have Chronic and Significant Pain Damage to your hip joint can cause chronic and significant pain anywhere between your hip and knee. If you experience any […]

Hip replacement Surgeon in Hadapsar
Choosing the Right Implant for Your Total Hip Replacement

Implant for Your Total Hip Replacement Hip pain can be incredibly debilitating, affecting your quality of life. When non-surgical treatments no longer provide relief, your orthopedic specialist might recommend a total hip replacement. This procedure can be life-changing, offering freedom from pain and a return to an active lifestyle. One crucial aspect of this surgery […]

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When we accidentally cut or burn our skin, the first thing we do is run in search of a healer. Delaying first aid is not an option to reduce your suffering. Similarly, when we suffer internally due to knee pain, delaying treatment will be of no use. So, if your doctor has recommended knee replacement […]

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Total Knee Replacement cost in Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra

Which is the best total knee replacement surgery hospital in India? Solitaire Clinic is one of the best hospital for total knee replacement surgery in Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra  Total knee Replacement (TKR) is a surgical procedure in which an unnatural knee joint or prosthesis replaces a damaged/diseased knee joint. The basic reason why a patient choose […]

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Tips for Maintaining Strong and Healthy Bones

  Introduction Our bones form the structural framework of our bodies, providing support, protecting organs, and enabling movement. As we age, maintaining strong and healthy bones becomes increasingly important to prevent the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Thankfully, there are several practical steps we can take to ensure our bones stay resilient and robust. In […]

Orthopedic Care for the Elderly: Dr. Pramod Kumar Surve’s Geriatric Expertise as a Joint Replacement Surgeon

  Introduction As we age, orthopedic issues can become more prevalent, impacting our mobility and quality of life. In this blog, we delve into the geriatric expertise of Dr. Pramod Kumar Surve, a renowned joint replacement surgeon. With years of experience in treating elderly patients, Dr. Surve’s expertise in orthopedic care for the elderly is […]

Understanding Common Orthopedic Injuries: Insights from Dr. Pramod Kumar Surve

Introduction Orthopedic injuries and conditions are among the most prevalent health concerns affecting people of all ages. The musculoskeletal system, comprising bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints, plays a crucial role in supporting body structure and movement. However, due to various factors, these components are susceptible to injuries and conditions that can significantly impact a […]